Hardwater EP

by Hrdwtr

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This is Hrdwtr's debut EP.


released January 1, 2012

Produced by Jon Anderson and Jason Sylvester.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jon Anderson.



all rights reserved


Hrdwtr Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Invermere
Track Name: Don't Be Shy
Back in 97' I was going on eleven
I wouldn't be bothered with no girl that was seven
But, at the church social she kept teasing me so much til
I couldn't help but chase her back

When I caught her she kissed me and then I punched her shoulder
I thought to myself: I'm not gonna like that when I'm older
But, days turned to fortnights and night lights became porch lights, and I'm not so sure anymore

Now my landlord told me the second most important thing I'm gonna need is a wife
Yeah, life can be so boring but when she's loving you it's like
A torrential downpour on the driest of nights

Don't be shy, boy! (Ohh oh oh!)
Use your mind, boy! (Ohh oh oh!)
There was a time, boy oh boy, oh boy

Don't be shy, boy! (Ohh oh oh!)
Use your mind, boy! (Ohh oh oh!)
There was a time, boy oh boy, there was a time

When my hardwater carries me down through my past
I'm thankful for the memories, but not sure if I would last
To see everything occur all over again (Ooo...)

My hardwater carved lines through my character
They bend and they buckle; shift and burn, stubborn as the wind
When they're finished with my whole self, I'll be a sweetly broken man
And, I'll finally fit in to the master plan

Track Name: One For The Dreamer
Here's one for the dreamer in his room
He holds remembrance on the top of his "things to do"
He catches all the nuances that keep on falling through
the rest of all the common people with their lists of things to do

He thinks he's gonna wake up some day and be free
In the end it's the innovation, not just an imitation that will satisfy the need
For what do we live by but what leads us to believe
that none of this is worth it unless the weaver lives in the dream.

Here's one for the dreamer...
Track Name: Ashes Of Innocence
She rose from the heat that overtook her
To see that in me; I must say, does upset me
At times we can be two righteous lovers
But most of the time we snuck out through the back door

Well you'll feel better when it's over
You'll be happy you're not in the cold, girl
Oh no! You can't go; you're on your own, girl
Brokenhearted and all alone

I passed you on the street the other day; you drew a blank stare
You just looked away, as if to say "I could do better"
Well, I am aware of my shortcomings
I just don't share your fatalism

Well you'll feel better when it's over
You'll be happy you're not in the cold girl
Oh no! You can't go; you're on your own girl
Brokenhearted and all alone

When the wolves were coming to the bedroom door
I could hear them say "Just once more..."
If I had my way, I'd go back that day
I would save us both and be alone
Track Name: The Bridge Builder
A poem called The Bridge Builder
Track Name: Promenade
Your big strong hands held me back from running
When I had the chance, I didn't want to go

Oh, tears of joy. Oh, tears of joy would wash away.
All my awful yesterdays.


I came back here to make amends, to find a way to the genesis.
Oh, how I miss my innocence.
They say your eyes don't grow, but your body bends.
I caught a glimpse of an old friend, but I turned away cos I can't handle it.